Trevor Harder


Good Boys - CG, Matte Painting

The Secret - CG, Compositing

Replicas - Post-Vis, VFX, Compositing

League Of God - Compositing

Fallen - Post-Vis, VFX, Compositing

The Monkey King - CG, VFX, Matte painting , Compositing

The Mortal Instruments - Look Development, CG, VFX

Gimme Shelter - CG, VFX, Matte painting , Compositing

Merry In Laws - Compositing

Hannah’s Law - VFX, Compositing

Thor - Lighting

Battle LA - Lighting

Pirhanna 3D - Lighting / Shading TD, Compositing

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium - Compositing, Animation

Underworld Evolution - VFX, Compositing

Ghost Rider - CG, Compositing

Sin City - Modeling, Texturing, Lighting

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Animation, Modelling, Lighting, Compositing

Spy Kids 2 - Character Animation

Gothika - VFX, Animation, Compositing

The One - Animation, Lighting, Compositing

TV Series

West World - Modeling, Animation, VFX, Compositing

The Romanoffs - Compositing

Gone - Lighting

Madame Secretary - Modeling Texturing

How To Get Away With Murder - Modelling, Texturing, Lighting

Scandal - Lighting

Quantico - Compositing

National Geographic : The Definitive Guide to Sea Monsters - CG, Lighting, Compositing

Copper - CG, VFX, Compositing

Hell On Wheels - VFX, Compositing

Stargate - Modelling, Texturing

Stargate Atlantis - Modelling, Texturing


SHAW : Various Spots - Director, Animation, Compositing, Supervisor

Monday Night Football - Modelling, Animation, Lighting TD

NASCAR - Modelling, Animation, Lighting, Compositing

Family Channel : Station ID - Design, Modelling, Lighting TD

Cartoon Network : Station ID - Modeling, Animation

British Telecom : HSI - Modelling, Texture Artist

Peter Pan : Trailer Logo  - Modelling, Animation, Lighting TD

Pringles : 3D Mr. Pringles - Modelling, Lighting TD

Hotwheels : Robo Wheels - Animation, Lighting TD, Compositing


Lord of the Rings : Shadow of War - Lighting Cinematics

Assassin's Creed : Syndicate - Lighting, Cinematics

Batman : Sabbath - Lighting, Cinematics